A Visit From Voltaire by Dinah Lee Kung

Dinah was nominated for the UK’s Orange Prize for Fiction.
A visit from Voltaire brings the incorrigible 18th century troublemaker back to life as he haunts the Swiss farmhouse of a newly arrived American and her family. Over the course of a single writer, Voltaire evolves from the house guest-from-hell, into her wisest friend teaching her how to live life to the fullest. Funny and original.
About Dinah Lee Kung
Dinah worked for 20 years in Asia as a foreign correspondent mainly in China/Hong Kong, for publications, including “The Economist” “Business Week,” and “Herald Tribune,” She is the author of six novels and a number of radio plays. She is married to a retired international Red Cross official. This delightful book is available from smashwords at $4.99.

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The Position of Power by Robert Harrell

Robert Harrell finally reveals his powerful system which unlocks dynamic forces which are hidden inside our minds. An accomplished sales executive and rising motivational powerhouse. His fantastic rise from being homeless and feeling suicidal to landing a new job and producing over one million dollars in sales in under a year. He uncovered a method in which he could combine his thoughts in certain ways to automatically produce successful results. This came about when his mother handed him a small book by Napoleon Hills, “You can work your own miracles.” It inspired him to test out the theories. Robert Harrell was born in Brooklyn, NY.
This amazing book is available at smashwords for $10-00

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The Position of Power by Robert Harrell