From the Other Side


From the Other Side

The following true story happened about fourteen years ago. I knew both the victim and the new owners of the house. The victim was a lovely, kind man. I have changed names.

After they came back from spending the day on the beach Mr Smith and his wife went to bed early. They were tired of the day out, the warm sun, and the cold water. They never knew that sun-tanning on the beach all day and swimming occasionally could tire them out so much.

In the early hours of the morning, Mrs Smith woke up from a loud noise. She listened again, it sounded as if somebody was at the kitchen window. She woke Mr Smith and said, that there is somebody trying to get in by the kitchen window.  Mr Smith was not impressed to be woken up from his deep sleep, he still felt exhausted.

‘’What is it Edna, I ‘m tired.”

“John, somebody is trying to get into the house.”

Mr Smith was suddenly wide awake. “What, what, I don’t hear anything.”

‘Listen ”

Mr Smith listened.’Miouw, miouw”

‘That’s the cat, Edna, I left the window open a bit so that she could go out.”

‘Ok, John”

She turned around and went back to sleep.

What he did not know was that the burglars at the kitchen window, heard his wife call out and one of the burglars screeched like a cat. A old trick.

Mr Smith was annoyed because now he could not get back to sleep. He got up to go to the bathroom and still half asleep he pushes open the bathroom door and walks in.

Behind the door stands the burglar with a knife, and he starts to stab Mr Smith repeatedly. The other two rush in from another room and help their partner in crime. Mr Smith fell down and they leave him bleeding to death while they rush to Mrs Smith in the bedroom with blood dripping from their hands and knives.

Shouting at her to ‘shut up, or else.’ They tie her up with some rope they had brought with them

“It’s done, said one murder.”

‘Bring her let her make us something to eat.’

Mrs Smith is shaking with shock while she is making their food. She makes the food in the microwave, hoping that they will go away when they have eaten. She wants to go and see to her husband but they refuse.

After they have eaten, the one says, ‘Bring the money woman, if you want to live.’

Mrs Smith goes to the safe and with shaking hands takes out the money that they had received the day before for the payment of their pigs.

They grab the money and say, ‘don’t call the police or else we will come back for you.’

Mrs Smith locks the door when they have gone and runs to her husband. But her husband is busy dying. She runs to the phone to call the ambulance and the police, but the murderers have cut the telephone wires. She rushes around looking for their cell phones but realizes that they have been stolen.

She looks outside, there are no street lights in this rural area. But she realizes that she must get help or her husband will die. She takes the torch and sneaks out by the side door, then she runs from tree to tree so the murderers won’t see her. She runs across the road but then remembers that her neighbors are out for the weekend. Then she runs down the road to some family members and nearly falls against the door, screaming, “ help, help, John has been stabbed and he is dying.”

The door opens and her brother-in-law opens and pulls her inside, “What the hell.”

‘Phone the ambulance, John is dying, he has been attacked and stabbed.”


He rushes to the phone and at the same time calls to his wife, ‘Lily come and help Edna.”

He quickly phones the ambulance and the police.

Then he calls his son and they rush to John’s rescue, telling the women to lock the house and open to nobody.

The ambulance came quickly but it was too late. The murderers were caught within a few days. Although they had balaclavas on, Mrs Smith had recognized one of the murderer’s voice. Mrs Smith just stayed for the funeral and then she took a plane to her son in another Province.

She was heartbroken and put her property on the market. After a few years it was eventually sold.

A Visit from a Spirit

The new owner’s of her property was a man and his wife and two teenage boys.  The husband knew about the murder that had taken place but did not tell his wife or sons. He was happy that he had bought the property below market value.

But one night when Mrs Brown went to the bathroom, she did not put the light on, so as not to wake up the rest of the family. However, the passage light was still on and the light shone into the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet, she felt something was not right. Half asleep she looked up, and there sat a man on his hunches, holding his stomach with both his hands. Read complete article by clicking on the link.