A Visit From Voltaire by Dinah Lee Kung

Dinah was nominated for the UK’s Orange Prize for Fiction.
A visit from Voltaire brings the incorrigible 18th century troublemaker back to life as he haunts the Swiss farmhouse of a newly arrived American and her family. Over the course of a single writer, Voltaire evolves from the house guest-from-hell, into her wisest friend teaching her how to live life to the fullest. Funny and original.
About Dinah Lee Kung
Dinah worked for 20 years in Asia as a foreign correspondent mainly in China/Hong Kong, for publications, including “The Economist” “Business Week,” and “Herald Tribune,” She is the author of six novels and a number of radio plays. She is married to a retired international Red Cross official. This delightful book is available from smashwords at $4.99.

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