How The Best Goose Down Comforters Are Made

The geese get plucked when they start pulling at their own feathers and feathers are left on the grass. The final test to know whether the feathers are right to pluck is when there is no blood on the tip when it is plucked.





  • First the feathers are lightly plucked starting from the goose’s tail to the neck. After that the down is plucked in the same manner.
  • The geese get plucked every six weeks. On one farm they have six hundred and fifty geese. Every six weeks 35 casual workers pluck the six hundred and fifty geese in one day. They remove 27kg feathers and 9 kg down with each plucking. The geese are very tame and get plucked in a large shed. They are handled gently and do not need to be tied up.
  • The next day the feathers and down are weighed and placed in strong see through bags that are closed by stitching.

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