Old Folk Remedies

 Folk Remedies

This section on folk remedies was written for interest and information. Use at your own discretions. Always consult a doctor for all illnesses. I thank all my friends and family who contributed to folk remedies.

Old Car

Drink carrot juice to increase red blood cell production.
For strong red blood cells take molasses regularly.


 Garlic contains vitamins A, B1, B2 & C as well as various natural antibiotics. Garlic helps with flu.


  Carrot juice and lettuce juice strengthens the nervous system.
  Drink two cups daily.


 One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and one  teaspoon of honey. Take twice a day.
 Drink a teaspoon of cod liver oil at bed time.
 Ginger root and parsley drawn like tea. Take twice a day.
 Garlic Oil. Crush garlic and lard.  Rub into affected area.

 Bald Head

 Rub castor oil into scalp.  Leave till morning.
 Rub head with apple cider vinegar. Use an old toothbrush.
 Make a tea with the root of the Kei apple. It clears bladder infections.
 The following remedy cures in record time. Ten drops of Balsem Copiva (Lennons medicine) with ten drops of Haarlemensies (Lennons), place on a tablespoon of sugar and eat.
 For clean blood, put one tablespoon, saltpeter in a bottle of water. Drink once per day.


One tablespoon grated soap. One tablespoon white onions  

One tablespoon honey

Boil until it’s sticky. Place on boils.
 Break open an aloe vera leaf and rub the juice onto boil. Leave juice to dry. Do the three times per day.
 Rye flour, honey and egg yolk. Mix together until it is stiff. Leave to cool. Place on boil.


 For lump in breast make a pulp from bean flour, mint and unsalted butter.  Put on breast. Break open an aloe vera leaf and rub the juice on. Let it dry.  Repeat three times a day


 Put vinegar on bruise

Burn or Scald

 Rinse a cloth in buttermilk and place on burn as warm as possible.


 Place a cloth mixed in brandy or vinegar on wound.
 Apply the inner jelly like leaf of the aloe to the painful area.


 Rub the oil of a dagga smoker’s pipe and place on wound.
 Make a paste of parsley leaves, milk, rabbit fat and goat fat. Place on  wound.
 Drink green tea. Tannin in green tea prevent tumors

Skin Cancer

 Apply the gel of an aloe leaf onto area three times a day.
Place comfrey leaf on wound. Place a plaster on wound. Repeat three times a day.
Cancer Bush
Break twigs and leaves into small pieces and cover with hot water. Leave for a while. Strain and drink a cupful twice daily.

 Take the leaves of the peppertree and infuse in warm water. Drink a teaspoonful twice a day. Take small amounts as this may be poisonous in large quantities.
 Egg yolk mixed with as much salt as can be taken up. Stir into a paste. Rub on twice a day. Cover with plaster.
 Cancer on Lip 
Make a paste by rubbing garlic until it becomes a pulp.  Place on a gauze and apply onto wound overnight.  Repeat daily.

 Rub aloe vera juice on lip at least three times a day. Let it dry.  Leave on.

Catarrh-Throat Inflammation
 Take the juice of half a lemon.  Add to a cup of warm water and inhale
the mixture.
 Chapped Skin (hands)

 Use soaked oats as a scrub.

 Rub a little olive oil in every night.

 To lower your cholesterol levels, eat apples (apples contain pectin) It removes the impurities from your system.