How to Save on Travel by Daniel Hardie

<a href=”Learn how to save on travel using the travel tips and tricks that the airlines and travel agents do not want you to know. This interesting book is available at smashwords for only  $2.99

About Daniel Hardie- Hi my name is Daniel Hardie.

As a former travel agent and seasonal travelHow to Save on Travel by Daniel Hardieler I have a strong passion for travel and adventure. I share this passion with the world by writing eBooks and newsletters with the aim of inspiring and motivating people to get outdoors.

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Mango Unleased: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels the World by Sherrie McCarthy

Mango Unleased by S McCarthyS McCarthy 1S McCarthy 2

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Most people bring back a souvenir or two. Patrick and Sherrie brought back a dog. While in Thailand on their world trip, Patrick and Sherrie saw all kinds of creatures being carted around on little motorcycles. When they met mango on the Island of Koh Tao they decided  to follow suit and took him along for the ride. This is Mango’s story from Thailand to Germany via North America.

This super book is available at smashwords for only $3.99

About Sherrie McCarthy

An avid reader traveller and writer. I teach English to support my travel habit, and I am replacing teaching with writing. When I am not writing a book, I am blogging or writing my Summer column.-