A Goose Processing Plant

geese-snow-geeseThe Best of Goose Down Products

In 1973 Dick and Trudy Eastman bought a wild duck and goose processing plant near the Oregon border. In the beginning they sold the down and feathers to a company that bought feathers and down. Hunters came from all over in the hunting season to shoot thousands of ducks and geese. The season started in January and lasted three months until the end of March. Read complete article by clicking on the link.


How to Save on Travel by Daniel Hardie

<a href=”Learn how to save on travel using the travel tips and tricks that the airlines and travel agents do not want you to know. This interesting book is available at smashwords for only  $2.99

About Daniel Hardie- Hi my name is Daniel Hardie.

As a former travel agent and seasonal travelHow to Save on Travel by Daniel Hardieler I have a strong passion for travel and adventure. I share this passion with the world by writing eBooks and newsletters with the aim of inspiring and motivating people to get outdoors.

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Ghosts in Houses and Other Spooky Places by Daniel Hardie

Daniel Hardie 7Daniel Hardie 4Enter a world of the unknown and the paranormal,  where strange ghostly and haunting happenings take place all over the world. Ghosts in houses and other spooky places is a book that explores ghostly realms in haunted houses, haunted hotels, historic castles and cursed graveyards. Read this book, if you dare.

This book is available at smashwords for $2.99

About Daniel Hardie- Hi my name is Daniel Hardie. As a former travel agent and seasoned traveller, I have a strong passion for travel and adventure.

Click on image.Ghosts in Houses and Other Spooky Places by Daniel Hardie

Quick and Easy Recipes-Savoury by Jackie Clark

Jackie Clark DietA collection of savory recipes that are delicious and very quick and easy to prepare. The recipes are flans, bakes, pies and much more. The recipes have been used regularly by the author. This super recipe book is available at smashwords for only $2.99. A must for busy moms.

Jackie is a music teacher and author of both music and recipe books. She enjoys the outdoor life and discovering different foods and ways of cooking them. Jackie is a keen cyclist, walker and swimmer.

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The Sexual Chemistry of Creativity by John Thomas

Some three thousand years ago. King Solomon of ancient Israel discovered the principples of creativity and genius. He recorded them for posterity in the erotic verse of “The Song of Songs,” long regarded as the “greatest puzzle in all literature. Happily that puzzle has now been solved, making those simple yet powerful principles once again easily available to any interested persons. Available at smashwords for $9.99

About John Thomas.

I am a retired science teacher/writer. Author of a book on creative thinking and problem solving. “Take Charge of Tomorrow and Change It.”

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The Sexual Chemistry of Creativity by John Thomas

Mango Unleased: A Thai Rescue Dog Travels the World by Sherrie McCarthy

Mango Unleased by S McCarthyS McCarthy 1S McCarthy 2

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Most people bring back a souvenir or two. Patrick and Sherrie brought back a dog. While in Thailand on their world trip, Patrick and Sherrie saw all kinds of creatures being carted around on little motorcycles. When they met mango on the Island of Koh Tao they decided  to follow suit and took him along for the ride. This is Mango’s story from Thailand to Germany via North America.

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About Sherrie McCarthy

An avid reader traveller and writer. I teach English to support my travel habit, and I am replacing teaching with writing. When I am not writing a book, I am blogging or writing my Summer column.-https://anitabooks888.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/mango-unleased-by-s-mccarthy.jpg

Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Business by Stacy Quinn

Internet Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessesInternet Marketing Strategies Small Business, are becoming more and more critical for both the short and long term success of local small businesses. The fact is your customers are looking for you online. The question is “can they find you even if they know your name.” For entrepreneurs and small business owners, this book is a must. If you want your business to succeed, learn how to make your business more visible online. Don’t delay buy today. This interesting book is available at smashwords for $7-77.

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The Position of Power by Robert Harrell

Robert Harrell finally reveals his powerful system which unlocks dynamic forces which are hidden inside our minds. An accomplished sales executive and rising motivational powerhouse. His fantastic rise from being homeless and feeling suicidal to landing a new job and producing over one million dollars in sales in under a year. He uncovered a method in which he could combine his thoughts in certain ways to automatically produce successful results. This came about when his mother handed him a small book by Napoleon Hills, “You can work your own miracles.” It inspired him to test out the theories. Robert Harrell was born in Brooklyn, NY.
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The Position of Power by Robert Harrell

Gracious Awakening by Trevor Gollagher

Mankind is on the verge of an unprecedented shift in consciousness. We are all about to enter into a period of great change filled with love and light, as prophesied by many of the ancients.
This book will not only change the way you think, but prepare you for the challenges many people will face as we head towards mankind’s spiritual awakening. This interesting book is available at smashwords for $8.00

Trevor Gollagher is a spiritual visionary, intuitive healer and author.                   Click on imageGracious Awakening by Trevor Gollagher

Penny Wise Pound Wiser by Ali Vaidya

Discover the secrets that millionaires never share. A few simple steps for unlimited wealth and financial freedom.This is the most concise book you will ever read on personal finance. This book will help you avoid financial calamity and show you how to prosper financially in a very easy way. If you want financial freedom you need to read this book. It is amazing. Available at smashwords for $19.99
Ali Vaidya has highly diversified skills and experiences from Finance to Sales and Marketing, to Online Business Strategies to Internet and Social Media Markets.

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Penny Wise, Pound Wiser by Ali Vaidya