Folk Remedies

For the Treatment of Prostate
Place a handful of fresh parsley in a cup. Add boiling water. Let it stand for fifteen minutes. Drink at least three times daily.
Eat at least one cup of pumpkin seeds twice a day.
 Prostate Enlargement – Inflammation
 Simmer whole pumpkin seeds to a quart of water for fifteen minutes. Cool and pour into a jar. The seeds will settle at the bottom. Take a small glass three times per day.
 Drink milk and castor oil.
 Pomegranate peels boiled in milk. Give children half a teaspoonful.
Adults to take two spoonfuls.
Take two teaspoonful castor oil and one teaspoon sweet oil.
 Take a small piece of dried aloe vera once or twice a day.
 One teaspoonful sweet oil with a bit of nutmeg for children.
 Add one teaspoon of celery seeds and honey into a cup of boiling water. Allow to stand for five minutes. Strain and drink.
One teaspoon of buchu leaves in a cup of boiling water.
Let it stand for five minutes. Strain and drink as a tea.
 Sciatica – Nerve Pain
 Mix the juice of potatoes with celery juice.
 Take garlic twice daily.
 Make a paste of Epsom salts and water. Place on the affected area.
 Rub cayenne pepper on affected area. It is available as an ointment.
 For healthy skin eat pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It contains lots of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.
 Skin Rashes
 For itchy rashes, add strong brewed tea to bath water.
 Snake Bite
 Seek medical help immediately.
Vinegar is an antidote.
 Drink as much milk as possible.
 Sore Mouth
 Mix one large spoon of glycerine and half a teaspoon of borax.
Rub in mouth three times per day.
 Gargle with tincture of myrtle.
 Spider Bite
 Make a paste of bicarbonate of soda with a little water and apply on the wound.
 Stiff Neck
 Add a handful of salt to a bucket of water. Rinse a flannel in the water, dry out and place around the neck.
 Apply the inside of a banana skin to painful area.
 Dab vinegar on the sting.
 Place a slice of onion on the sting
 Stomach Ache
 A few slices of ginger in a cup of boiling water.
Add one teaspoon of honey.
Leave for five minutes. Drink as a tea.
 A few buchu leaves. Place in a cup of boiling water.
Let it stand for five minutes. Strain and drink.
 Drink chamomile tea.
 Pour a cup of boiling water on one teaspoon of lime.
Let it stand until lukewarm. Rinse mouth with it. Repeat.
 Wild crushed garlic, on the cheek.
 Apply a few grains of cayenne pepper to affected tooth and gum.
 Loose Teeth
 Pour a cup of boiling water over a few sprigs of parsley.  Let it stand for fifteen minutes. Strain. Drink twice daily.
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