Russian Centenarians

There are hundreds of centenarians living in the villages of the Russian Caucasus. A few miles from the Persian border, Shirali Muslimov offers visitors recollections of historic events which happened in mid-nineteenth-century Russia. Muslimov was  born in 1805 in the village of Barzavu. He had twenty three children and has never been ill. He can recall incidents from 150 years ago. He works a full day and still has good hearing and eyesight.


Azerbaijan may be where you will find the most centenarians. In these mountains you will find these hearty, white haired centenarians as they tread the rocky highland roads to tend their cattle or goat herds, their backs bent under  heavy loads of produce.

Russian Centenarians


Health is Wealth – Healthy at one hundred

Read about these amazing centenarians. Read their recipe for a healthy long life.

What they do seem to have in common is an active lifestyle. Strong family ties and to have a purpose in life. Many grew up in rural surroundings although some moved to towns in adult life. An abundance of organic fruit and veggies were available in rural areas. Some enjoyed red wine or homemade brandy in moderation. Please note, like one small glass a day. This contained resveratrol which is found in red or purple grapes. Resveratrol helps to lower blood pressure and allow a higher volume of blood to flow through your body, delivering increased oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. They also thought that a sense of humor and laughter was a contributing factor. In Russia in the caucasus mountains, centenarians are reaching amazing life spans of 150 years. These claims have not been verified. However, they enjoy bathing in fresh cold mountain streams. This can boost metabolism and improve your blood circulation, improve libido and increase your vigor. You need to get used to cold water gradually. The centenarians living in the Caucasus mountains have a healthy diet of kefir, this is made of fermented goats milk; sour cheeses, organic veggies and fruit are their staple diet.Health is Wealth