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Aloe Vera Gel in Smoothies -Click here for more recipes.

People in Jamaica seem to know more about aloe vera than the rest of the world. They treat most sicknesses and diseases with aloe vera. As this plant seems to be a miracle plant it makes sense to add the aloe vera gel to your smoothies. The gel is tasteless so what do you have to lose. You certainly have a lot to gain by adding its benefits to you daily smoothie.


Apple, Pear, Banana and Aloe Vera Gel Smoothie

  • One apple quartered
  • One pear quartered
  • One frozen banana sliced
  • Half a cup aloe vera gel
  • (or two tablespoons)
  • Half cup soy milk
  • Tablespoon honey
  • Place frozen banana,
  • apple and pear into blender.
  • Blend. Add rest of ingredients.
  • Blend until smooth



Ghost of Doors by Jennifer Paetsch

Seventeen-year-old Wolfgang Schafer’s only chance to escape the City of Doors and the doppelganger out to kill him, is to find the door that accepts humans. Together with a horse called Pilgrim and his best friend the seductive, blond changeling Marie, he has to find the door before he turns into a monster.

About Jennifer Paetsch

I started writing in January 2012. I really enjoy reading and the internet, watching movies and playing  video games. I like all kinds of music, from Deutsche Schlager to dubstep and I tweet a lot. –

This awesome book is available at smashwords for only $2.99 contains 71,030 wordsGhost of Doors by Jennifer Paetsch

A Visit From Voltaire by Dinah Lee Kung

Dinah was nominated for the UK’s Orange Prize for Fiction.
A visit from Voltaire brings the incorrigible 18th century troublemaker back to life as he haunts the Swiss farmhouse of a newly arrived American and her family. Over the course of a single writer, Voltaire evolves from the house guest-from-hell, into her wisest friend teaching her how to live life to the fullest. Funny and original.
About Dinah Lee Kung
Dinah worked for 20 years in Asia as a foreign correspondent mainly in China/Hong Kong, for publications, including “The Economist” “Business Week,” and “Herald Tribune,” She is the author of six novels and a number of radio plays. She is married to a retired international Red Cross official. This delightful book is available from smashwords at $4.99.

Click Voltaireon Image.

How to Rob A Bank – Peter Sharp Local Mystery #13 by Gene Grossman

Peter’s legal ward Suzi, an adorable little 12-year-old computer genius, solves thHow to Rob a Bank by Gene Grossmane mystery of what the bank manager found one morning when opening up the bank. A man’s dead body inside the time-loaded vault.
All the events that take place are due to a magician who is trying some stunts to publicize his upcoming book entitled “How to Rob a Bank and get Away with Single Jeopardy - Jene Grossmanit.Stand Up Comedy= Gene GrossmanHow to meet woman-Gene Grosman